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I'm a spiritual healer and author based in Oceanside, California. 


My speciality is strengthening your heart connection. With a stronger heart connection, you feel better, think more clearly, make wiser decisions, and enjoy life more. You live with a greater sense of possibility, passion, and purpose. You experience life more as the sacred gift and incredible adventure it truly is.

I help you strengthen your heart connection through Reiki energy healing, mindfulness coaching, and heart-to-heart conversation.

I wasn't always a spiritual person. Into my 30s, I was an atheist who didn't believe in spirituality.

My spiritual awakening began in 2010, when I had a guardian angel visitation while hospitalized for leukemia. I came out of the hospital with a budding passion for mindfulness and self-discovery. 

My spiritual awakening intensified in 2018, when I began receiving streams and downloads of spiritual wisdom. This wisdom revealed empowering insights about our divinity, our suffering, and our path to healing through the heart. I began writing down this wisdom and incorporating it into my daily life. 


The awakening process was very difficult at times. Sometimes I found myself overwhelmed with pain and confusion. To help myself, I began working with spiritual healers, sacred medicines, Buddhist philosophy, and other healing resources. These resources helped me find comfort, poise, and confidence during the difficulties of the awakening process.


As I continued on my spiritual path, I felt a deep calling to live more from my heart. I had always been cerebral by nature. My spiritual awakening showed me how living from my heart could bring more presence, peace, and purpose into my life. I devoted myself to cultivating this sacred heart connection. 

In 2021, I left my career in the law to pursue my spiritual calling. I wanted to help people connect more richly to their hearts. And I wanted to share the insights and resources that had served me so well on my healing and awakening path. My family and I moved from San Jose to Oceanside, California in July of 2021. During this time, I completed my Reiki certifications, achieving the level of Reiki Master. 


In early 2022, I established my business: Joseph Clarke spiritual flourishing - supportive spiritual guidance. I began working with clients locally in the San Diego area. Through Zoom, I started serving clients around the country.


I continued to hone my skills as a Reiki practitioner. I completed my Reiki Master Teacher certification, which allows me to initiate new students into the Reiki healing lineage. I also began volunteering at Sharp Hospital, offering my Reiki services to the hospital's patients and staff. By April 2024, I'd logged over 100 hours of Reiki volunteering. Having been a hospital patient myself while battling leukemia, my work at Sharp Hospital is especially gratifying.  


I love watching my clients heal, grow, and flourish! When my clients tell me about their successes, and when I see their newfound gladness and confidence, my heart glows. I feel so much joy and gratitude knowing I've found my calling in life.

In 2024, I published my book, SOL: supportive guidance for healing & awakening. SOL is a book from my heart to yours. Combining spiritual wisdom, practical guidance, and inspiring poetry, SOL will awaken your mind to deep spiritual truths and open your heart to the beauty, mystery, and goodness of life. 

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