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I'm a former attorney who holds degrees in philosophy & creative writing. I'm also a leukemia survivor, husband, father, & certified Reiki practitioner. I draw on my background & the spontaneous wisdom of my heart to help you find what you're seeking. 

I haven't always been spiritually minded. Into my late 20s I was staunchly atheist & thought spirituality was wishful thinking. During my leukemia treatments in 2010-2011, a deeper awareness dawned in me for the first time. I began sensing there was more to life than I'd thought. I started meditating & actively cultivating mindfulness in my life. In 2018, I started experiencing intense upwellings of pain, confusion, emotion, & insight. It was like a dam in my heart broke, & what had been kept down for so long wouldn't stay down any longer. It became overwhelming. In search of guidance, I began exploring Buddhism & mystical teachings, & I began working with spiritual healers. These resources have helped me find my bearings during this difficult & exciting process. In 2021, I ended my legal practice so I could pursue my calling to become a spiritual teacher & guide.   

Philosophically, my teachings boil down to one: connecting with the present moment through the heart. I see the many other spiritual methods - meditation, contemplation, inquiry, medicine work, energy healing, processing trauma, etc. - as tools to help us connect more fully with the spontaneous wisdom always flowing from our hearts. 

A simple notion. A lifelong practice. One challenge is learning to find the heart's gentle signal beneath the noise of our busy minds & bodies. Another challenge is that the heart holds deep pain, which we reflexively avoid through diversions like mental absorption & compulsive activity. The closer we get to the heart, the closer we get to this deep pain, & that experience can be very difficult & confusing. I want to help you navigate these challenges so you can tap more fully into your heart's natural wisdom. Connecting to the present moment through the heart, we discover more of what life has to offer, & we experience more peace & harmony in our day-to-day lives. 

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