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Dr. Joe Dispenza


If you want to understand why we get stuck in destructive & stagnating behaviors, and if you want to transcend your hang-ups, consult Dr. Joe.

Here are two books of his I've enjoyed:

Evolve Your Brain:


Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself:


Dr. Joe has a powerful story of personal transformation. In his 20s he was in a horrible bike accident. His spine was severly injured. His doctor recommended a surgery that would forever limit his mobility. He opted instead to heal himself. Over the next several weeks he focused intently on healing his own spine. Using visualization and focus, he gradually restored his spine to healthy functioning, without going under the knife. It's a profound testament to the transformative power of the mind & the will, when they're skillfully applied with a positive intention.

Learn more about his amazing self-healing experience here:




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