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feeling the heart

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

feeling the heart
feeling the heart

"Listen to your heart. Cultivate the ability to do this. Practice it. Produce it. Perfect it. You think there is more to know about life than this, but there is not. Your heart holds the key. Your heart holds the wisdom. You heart holds the future." - Neale Donald Walsch

Use this graphic to help you feel your heart.

Feeling the heart is as simple as doing it. Feel the heart beating, and feel the space around the beating heart. Stay connected by tuning into the heart's rhythm. Feel free to acknowledge your heart connection by saying, aloud or silently: "I am feeling my heart," or "I am connected to my heart."

When you're struggling or suffering, recognize this as an opportunity to practice feeling the heart. Be gentle about it, & take your time. The slower & more gently you go, the stronger & richer your heart connection will be.

As you're feeling the heart, feel free to use other mindfulness techniques to keep you grounded in your intention & in the present moment. Here are 10 friends who will help you stay connected to the heart:

(1) pausing & resting

(2) smiling

(3) belly-nose breathing

(4) "yes" (silently or aloud)

(5) gently adjusting posture

(6) softening demeanor

(7) offer yourself encouraging words (silently or aloud)

(8) find peace & quiet

(9) feel the body's vibrancy (feel specific areas, & the body generally)

(10) exhale: ahhhhhhh

Practice heart connection.

See difficulties as invitations to practice.

Use the 10 friends to deepen & strengthen your heart connection.

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