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grounding technique: I am..., I will...

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

mindfulness techniques are quick, simple ways to feel better & think better

here, I share a mindfulness technique called: "I am, I will"

it's a great technique to use anytime you're feeling overwhelmed with thoughts of what to do

simply identify your current focus, and then identify the one other thing you most want to remember

e.g., if I'm at the grocery store, and my head starts swimming with thoughts about stuff to do and things I've forgotten...

I am...I will...

I am selecting asparagus...I will email my boss about my vacation request

I am driving my daughter to school...I will swing by Noah's to grab a bagel on my way home

I am filming a video...I will post it to the internet later!

Try it out, see how you feel

When I use this technique, I feel more grounded, focused, present, and capable.

As a mindfulness coach, I teach this and other mindfulness techniques so that you can feel better & think better, even under stress.

Message me today to book a free consult call.

I am watching Joe's video...I will message Joe to book a consult! 🙃

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