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how do I find peace when the world is nuts?

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

how do I find peace
how do I find peace

Peace is within.

What's obscuring peace within, is also within.
The world is a wisdom mirror. External triggers are pointing to the peace-blockages within us. They're giving us a friendly heads-up: yo, your inner peace is obscured.
When we're on the bus, and we're suddenly annoyed by someone playing loud music on their boombox - the world is telling us that there's loud noise on a boombox inside of us. In that moment, our inner boombox is playing a loud and annoying song, with these lyrics - how dare that rude guy over there for play his loud music on this bus. If we focus on the inner noise, we can begin to address our suffering - we can get to the root of what's bothering us. If we focus on the outer noise - directing contempt and frustration toward the dude playing his tunes on the bus - we miss the chance to heal.
In our foolishness, we blame or attack or begrudge the triggering person or event. We attack the mirror for what it's reflecting.
In clarity, we thank the mirror for the friendly heads-up, & we resume the internal exploration that gradually sets us free.
If we practice this exploration peacefully, we unite path & destination - we practice the very peace we're seeking, making it more of a reality now.
When we're thinking the world is nuts, we're nuts. We're expecting something from the world - healing & peace - that we can only find within. Our claim - "the world is nuts" - is reflecting this truth back to us. Only we're too confused to recognize this is a message about our inner world, not the outside world.
So, when you find yourself declaring the world is nuts (as I often do!), you can recognize an unrecognized nuttiness at work within you, and you can begin your peaceful exploration there, all the while letting the world do its mirrory thing.
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