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is the ego an entity?

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

is the ego an entity?
is the ego an entity?

No. The ego is the vibrational state of consciousness buying into scarcity stories.

The theme: never enough. Never enough money. Never enough time. Sex appeal. Status. Self-worth. Security. Always needing more. Fantasizing about how all is going to finally be well, at long long last, if we could just get this one thing we're missing.

But when we do get that thing, a brief phase of gladness gives way to new demands from the insatiable ego, and we're right back in the cycle of scarcity.

The ego may seem like an entity. It's really just consciousness dipping into a particular vibrational band, wherein a sense of scarcity/inadequacy/insufficiency dominates our thoughts & urges. Suddenly our minds & feelings are driven toward acquisition, infautation, condemnation, avoidance. We can feel like a different person in this state. It's still us. We're just in the ego-zone. The zone of constantly expecting this or that to finally end our suffering and make us happy.

As we transcend that vibrational state, we sense ego slipping away, & we experience the more receptive, trusting, & intrinsically content aspects of consciousness. Our natural virtue emerges like the sun from behind the clouds of ego. This is who we more fully are - not merely the insatiable ego, but an expansive virtuousness that loves & embraces including, including the ego-state. Only this unconditional, all-accepting love can ultimately break our addiction to ego mode. In the meantime, we learn to manage the ego's harmfulness, while cultivating the unconditional love that will set us and our egos free.

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