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Mystery Teachings with Dr. Theresa Bullard

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Dr. Theresa Bullard
Dr. Theresa Bullard

I love Mystery Teachings, available via Gaia TV. It's an engaging blend of ancient teachings, modern physics, practical tools, and Dr. Theresa Bullard personal experiences.

If you're looking for an accesible introduction to science and esoterica relevant to promoting inner harmony & unlocking our full potential, look no further.

Dr. Bullard covers a wide range of topics: actualizing potential in the quantum gap, mapping various modalities & theories onto the Kabbala's Tree of Life, using solfeggio frequencies and other soundscapes to promote harmony, connecting to unity consciousness, and much more.

No prior expertise or formal training required. Dr. Bullard introduces and breaks down all the necessary concepts. Her presentation style is bright, clear, warm, and compelling. Whether you're feeling stuck, struggling with confusion, looking for inspiration, or eager for new tools, she's a tremendous resource. Just listening to her speak is a comforting experience. She beautifully embodies the peacefulness and harmony described by her teachings.

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