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why does gOd create us unelightened?

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

why does gOd create us unelightened?
why does gOd create us unelightened?

why does gOd create us unelightened?

Here's how I see it. You are gOd. You've surrendered, temporarily, into a state of deep forgetting.

The purpose is irreducible; your specific life experience is the purpose. We must live it to know.

Looking at the current state of humanity, I think the purpose has 2 major themes: (1) intimacy (2) maturation.

(1) intimacy - Beyond form & physicality, gOd exists in a state of ceaseless harmony & bliss. Wonderful! And featureless. I think gOd surrenders into form to intimately experience gOd's features. We fall in love. Stub our toes. Experience the delight of epiphany, the horrors of abuse, the boredom of drabness & drudgery. Existence is how we, gOd, experience our diversity & richness & mystery & wildness. If gOd created us (aka gOd) as fully realized beings, fully enlightened from birth, we'd miss out on the suspense & intensity & intimacy of living in fear. We'd bypass aspects of our vast beingness. We'd skip straight to dessert. To we, the fearfully suffering, this sounds great! gOd knows better. gOd knows nothing in experience harms our true nature. And gOd knows that immortality & infinity await us, a destiny no amount of suffering or evil can deny us. We have, ultimately, nothing to lose. Which perhaps is what emboldens us to surrender so savagely into the pits of fear & forgetting.

(2) maturation - We're here to grow out of fearful self-absorption. To open our minds & hearts. To rediscover our true nature as gOd. To gradually decondition our expressions of love, peace, & gladness. This occurs over many lifetimes. It's the return journey. The undoing of our deep forgetting. It's more like remembering than learning. When we finally return to our gOdhood (rapture), we do so with a richer appreciation for both the travails of fearfulness & the rugged sweetness of liberation. The one who hikes to the summit enjoys it more deeply than the one airlifted there. Our maturation process is like that hike, & our return to gOdliness is the summit above the clouds.

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