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Joe is naturally gifted and a true healer.  I felt extremely comfortable with him as he is very intuitive and professional. I cannot wait for another session with him!

Mary A.

Joseph used a healing technique called "healing Attunement" during my session. This was a powerful experience for me. It helped me release some blocks / weight I was carrying in both my shoulders, causing physical pain. I felt so much lighter and relieved after his treatment.

He was very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him to anyone who would like to experience a great, professional and relaxing reiki session.

Marcela A.

I have a high stress job that has consumed my life for the past few years. It finally got to the point where I felt alone and lost in the world and I knew I needed to do something about it. A close friend of mine recommended Joseph's service to me.

I decided to opt for one-one-one discussions to try to work through my anxiety in a supportive environment. Joseph's ability to truly listen with an open heart was something that I had not previously experienced with other professionals. With Joseph I found someone who is kind and empathetic who can also provide meaningful advice and guidance.

Anyone who feels alone, anxious, and at a turning point in their life should contact Joseph. I finally feel that I have someone to walk alongside me in the spiritual journey I'm embarking on.

Tom L.

Joe is someone I trust to help guide me throughout my process. He's very knowledgeable, helpful and truly connected. Within a couple sessions I was feeling a little less stressful and a little more relaxed. I love that Joe is such an open and welcoming person. It makes it easier to have that connection.

I love how knowledgeable Joe is about what he practices and he has the facts to back up what he says. I feel like he is trustworthy, honest, caring and overall great at what he does. He will be honest with you, no matter how hard or easy it is to hear. He is truly there for you and will help you anyway he can. Joe has a gift.

Danielle G.

A very kind and wise spiritual guide. Incredible personal growth and development through his guidance. Discovered how to engage, cultivate and radiate positivity to improve every facet of my life. Highly recommended.

Erick C.

Joe has an uncanny ability to combine both heart and head. He possesses both spiritual wisdom and analytical prowess. For those of us who need to understand the "why" in order to process an experience, he is well equipped with evidence-based studies, literature, and explanations that appeal to logic. But, beyond the realms of intellectual understanding, Joe wants to help you connect with your heart. With empathy, patience, and professionalism, he will work to raise your inner consciousness to help you be present with yourself. I highly recommend Joe to anyone who is on their journey of self-discovery.

Jung L.

Joe is a skilled mindfulness coach and a wonderful person. He gave an excellent training at my office on mindfulness and meditation. He educated us on the science and physiology behind his techniques. That made the guided meditation all the more impactful. Joe has a calm presence -- just the type of person you want to set the tone for a meditation. I learned so much! Will definitely bring his techniques into my own practice.

Sarah R.

Joe is a skilled and compassionate coach who brings evidence-based tools and concepts into the world and practice of mindfulness.  His focus on attaining coherence with the heart is something people of all walks of life can utilize.  As an attorney in his past life, he knows more than anyone the importance of incorporating such practices into your day to day in order to live a more meaningful and balanced life, not just for yourself but those around you.  Highly recommend!

Mahira M.

Joe is a deeply insightful person and he's been a big help to me. I highly recommend that you consider his services.

Tim M.

As a business owner and manager, my available time outside of work and family is very limited. I have tried various sessions over the years with other teachers and modalities without much success. Joe is a very gifted teacher who has an uncanny ability to take very complex subjects and aptly apply them in a simple digestible format that caters to you personally. I cannot rave enough about Joe - his extensive knowledge, his warm presence, his encouragement and grace. I do not think I have written more than 1 or 2 reviews in my lifetime but felt compelled to leave one here. If you give him a try, you will thank me later.

Michael G.

Amazing! Joe is a kind, gentle healer.  His guidance is based in research and he shares his wisdom in an incredibly accessible format.  His guided meditations are soothing and really allowed me to connect with myself and become more centered and present.  I will definitely incorporate his heart and breathing techniques to deal with stress and agitation in the future.  Highly recommend!!!

Nedda A.

I have known Joe for a long time. He has always been an insightful person and a deep thinker.  His thoughtful questioning and gentle nudges to mine my beliefs and assumptions for possible inconsistencies and contradictions have challenged and inspired me.  He is a talented teacher whose humor and humility enhance and illuminate the sources of wisdom he has to share.

Marianne C.

Joe led a professional office meditation on zoom and also provided a seminar on wellness and heart health, it was easy to understand and to use and made my day so much richer. This type of business office training and wellness coaching is very accessible and healthy for overall good health and workplace productivity, I highly recommend hiring Joe to assist any person or workplace in improving overall health. I am recommending him to my family members who are in college and could likely benefit to learning mindfulness at a younger age to combat stress and focus on life fulfillment.

Deedrea E.

Research based mindfulness.  Explaining the why of his approach and citing studies, much appreciated.


Joe is amazing! Our firm engaged Joe for some sessions for our team. The sessions were a combination of information sessions/lessons followed by guided meditation. We unfortunately had to run these sessions over Zoom given our remote workforce, but that ended up being no problem at all. Joe did a masterful job of engaging our whole crew. We learned a lot and left the sessions feeling wonderfully calm and ready to tackle our work. I would highly recommend Joe and can't wait to do an in-person session with him when the opportunity arises. Thanks, Joe!

Ryan S.

Joe truly embodies an authentic ray of light, and my reiki session with him proved to be an extraordinary and awe-inspiring experience. Reiki, believed to facilitate healing of both the body and spirit, exceeded my expectations. The session commenced with a concise yet effective explanation of what lay ahead. Joe then performed his healing techniques, and at one point, the sensation of his hands hovering over my body disappeared, leaving behind only the gentle backdrop of soothing music. It felt as if I were enveloped in a bubble of love, amplified by the harmonious sounds of nature surrounding us. This enchanting ambiance grew, until I simultaneously became the bubble, the bird, and the very essence of sound itself—entering a profound altered state.

Remarkably, there were two specific points in my body where the flow of energy became palpably evident. What amazed me was that Joe had no prior knowledge of any health challenges related to those areas.


Upon completing the session, I emerged with a profound sense of tranquility, alignment, and empowerment that continued to permeate my entire work week. For anyone curious about reiki and seeking self-empowerment, I wholeheartedly recommend scheduling a session with Joe

Eugenia C.

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