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My name is Joe Clarke

I'm a spiritual healer and author based in Oceanside, California.

I work with clients locally in the San Diego area and anywhere in the world through Zoom.

My specialty is strengthening your heart connection. 

With a stronger heart connection, you live less from fear and more from love.

You feel better.

You think more clearly.

You make wiser decisions.

You enjoy life more!

You feel empowered to overcome your addictions, to pursue your heartfelt passions, and to strengthen the relationships that matter most to you.

Sign up for your free consultation today. Let's discuss how you can get unstuck and onto your path of flourishing!


how are you stuck?

client outcomes


Patty overcame social anxiety

Patty was anxious about her upcoming company holiday party. It was causing her stress and frustration. She felt tempted to just skip it. After working with me, Patty overcame her anxiety, thoroughly enjoyed the party, and made some new connections at work!  read more!

Derek overcame insomnia, anxiety, & muscle tightness

Derek was nervous about his upcoming job interview. For several nights in a row, he'd been up most of the night with anxiety, racing throughts, and muscle tightness. After working with me, he felt much less tension and anxiety, he got a good night's sleep, and he nailed his interview! read more!  

Ruth overcame chronic knee pain, back pain, & dry eyes

Ruth was struggling with chronic pain in her knees and back, and also with chronically dry eyes. After working with me, she felt significant relief in all three areas, empowering her to accomplish more with less pain. read more!  

Chris broke out of a deep funk & reconnected with a sense of purpose 

Chris felt like he'd lost his sense of direction in life. He was struggling with depression and uncertainty. He felt like he was in a funk. After working with me, Chris broke out of his funk, felt more energized and inspired, and took action toward a new life path. Chris said: "I feel more like myself than I have in months." read more!

Eugenia transcended her body & felt enveloped in a bubble of love

Eugenia wanted to deepen her connection to spirit. After working with me, she felt a richer sense of love and possibility in her life. Eugenia said: "Joe truly embodies an authentic ray of light...It felt as if I were enveloped in a bubble of love read more!

Patricia overcame fear to lovingly support a grieving friend.

Patricia wanted to comfort a dear friend who had suffered a terrible loss. She was afraid she couldn't connect with her friend on the heart-to-heart level. After working with me, Patricia had an amazing conversation with her grieving friend. Patrica told me: "Thank goodness we talked...can't express enough how much that helped." read more!

Sue transcended chronic pain to feel an unprecedented depth of peace

Sue was suffering from chronic pain. For years, she'd struggled with crippling pain in her neck, shoulders, back, and legs. She'd tried a number of therapies and the condition was only getting worse. She was struggling with feelings of agony, frustration, and hopelessness. After working with me, she felt newfound peace with her situation. She told me her session was "amazing" and she said: "I haven't felt that peaceful in...forever." read more!

George significantly reduced angry outbursts toward his kids

George kept having angry outbursts toward his kids. He saw the strain this destructive habit was putting in his relationships with his kids and his wife. After working with me, George significantly reduced the number of angry outbursts, which brought more peace, harmony, and happiness into his home. His wife wrote that she had seen a major improvement and it felt like "a weight has been lifted." read more!

my healing methods

these are the methods I use to help you get unstuck and onto your path of flourishing!


Reiki energy healing

Through Reiki, I help to clear the  blockages that are keeping you stuck. Reiki is a powerful healing energy that clears blockages on the physical, mental, and emotional levels. As we clear blockages through Reiki, you feel more peaceful, energized, and clear about your life path.


mindfulness coaching

Through mindfulness coaching, I help you master techniques such as breathwork, meditation, and visualization. These techniques empower you to break free from your stuckness so you can make choices you're truly proud of. 


spiritual dialogue

Through heart-to-heart dialogue, I help you discover the roots and layers of your stuckness. As we work through these roots and layers together, you heal your past traumas, and you gain empowering insights on how to live less from fear and more from your beautiful, powerful heart.

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as we master mindfulness practices, we connect more richly with the unfolding present moment


connecting to the present moment through the heart, we experience more poise, resourcefulness, & fluidity


attending to our heart's subtle wisdom, we discover newfound capacities for 

self-discovery & personal growth


by honoring our reactions rather than fighting them, we gradually resolve stuckness in our thoughts & feelings


as we resolve our mental & emotional stuckness, we develop new & exciting ways of experiencing life


living with open & receptive heart, we naturally transform our pain & confusion into loving awareness


as we give ourselves the gifts of forgiveness, trust, & intimacy, we share those same gifts more freely with others


letting go of the past & opening to new possibilities, we approach life with a refreshed sense of wonder, passion, & purpose

Patty Niles

“What I found in Joe was a VERY safe space. He's helping me find me."

Chris Sikora

"Joe is thoughtful, experienced, dependable...and a bit magical. I couldn’t believe how relaxed I was and at the same time buzzing with positive energy after the session. I’ve spoken with several people that he has worked on and heard stories of pain relief, improved healing, and even mystical visions." 

Barbara Wolfe

"After just a few sessions with Joe, I felt a huge shift in my life. I’m more at peace with myself. I’m more connected to myself and others, and I have an easier time navigating life decisions. I feel like I’ve unloaded a 130 lb bag off my shoulders."

messages from satisfied clients

here are texts, emails, and other messages clients sent me about our work together


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In 2024, I published my first book, SOL: supportive guidance for healing & awakening.

Combining spiritual wisdom, practical guidance, & inspirational poetry, SOL
awakens your mind to deep spiritual truths and opens your heart to the beauty, mystery, & goodness of life. 

Buy SOL at AuthorHouse, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble!

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