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I work with folks from all walks of life.

My life experience makes me especially well-suited to work with these groups:

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As I see it, a spiritual awakening is when we start changing for reasons we don't yet understand. Our feelings, attitudes, & beliefs become different than they were. We lose abilities while gaining new ones. We experience unexpected levels of suffering, confusion, insight, & transformation. We feel lost, and while we may sense there is a destination & purpose behind it all, the how, when, & why remain frustratingly mysterious.

I have been undergoing a spiritual awakening since 2010. My awakening has been especially intense since 2018, when I first began receiving streams and downloads of spiritual wisdom. In the process, I've experienced many ups, downs, holy hells, & WTFs. I can relate to what you're going through, offer tips & guidance, and most importantly, I can listen with heartfelt compassion, knowing firsthand just how grueling, amazing, & wild the spiritual awakening process can be. Ultimately, your heart is your guide. My role is to help you strengthen your heart connection so than you can navigate your awakening with more clarity & grace. 

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As a deputy public defender, I had the honor of representing hundreds of individuals at various stages of the recovery process. During that time I learned a lot about addiction, 12-step programming, relapse, & the many struggles & triumphs that mark the path to sobriety & healing.

I have also struggled with addiction myself. I've come to believe that all behaviorial addictions stem from an internal addiction to our own thoughts & beliefs, and in particular to our own negative, fear-based thinking. As such, I treat addiction at its root by addressing these core beliefs, while compassionately supporting the person struggling day-to-day with the rigors of addicted life.   

If you are struggling with addiction or working the path of recovery, I can help. I provide mindfulness tools to help you stay balanced, grounded, & focused. I use Reiki healing to clear emotional and psychological blocks. I provide a compassionate ear & insightful advice. Most of all, I appreciate the difficulties & uncertainties inherent in addiction & recovery, and I tremendously respect the courage & grit necessary to get through & ultimately to get better. 

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Law runs in my blood. I come from a proud tradition of legal eagles on both sides of my family. I followed that tradition myself & worked as a deputy public defender for 8 years. In that time, I saw the legal system - particularly the criminal justice system - from an insider's perspective. I saw the toll it can take on lawyers, judges, court staff, and, most acutely, the litigants & their families.

If you're a professional in the legal system, or if you're involved in a legal case, I can help. While I can't provide legal advice, I can help you manage the incredible stress & uncertainty that the legal system tends to create. Through mindfulness training, Reiki healing, and heart-based practices, I can help you bring your body, mind, & spirit into better health & alignment. This will improve your judgment as you navigate the legal system. And it'll provide you balance & clarity as you manage the stress & emotions that are par for the legal course. 

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I love working with kids of all ages. Before I became a lawyer, I worked for several years as a tutor & classroom teacher. I worked with kindergartners, seniors in high school, and all ages in between. During that time I learned how to connect with kids, including kids struggling with learning or behavioral difficulties. I also developed a talent for helping kids grasp difficult concepts. As a lawyer, I had the privilege of working with youth in the juvenile justice system, allowing me to see both the tremendous trauma that some kids endure, and kids' amazing ability to learn, adapt, and grow, even in the most difficult circumstances. 

As a healer, I use those same skills to help youth discover focus, balance, clarity, & inner peace. I coach kids on mindfulness methods & meditation styles, using techniques tailored to youth. I provide kids Reiki energy healing. And I dialogue with kids about the struggles, uncertainties, & opportunities in their lives.

Medical Consultation


I was diagnosed with leukemia at age 29 while attending law school. I saw firsthand how harrowing, & at times surprisingly rewarding, that experience can be. I saw what my friends & family went through. I remember vividly how it felt to undergo painful treatments, to interact with my medical care team, & to manage the stress & fear & uncertainty of the treatment process.

As a survivor now 11 years into remission, I know that while the treatments may end, the memories and emotions never really do, and that  failing to process those in a healthy way can lead to a sort of emotional & psychological cancer that never really goes away. 

For those undergoing treatment, I can use Reiki energy healing as a supplement to your doctor's methods, treating you not only on the bodily level but the spiritual level as well. I'll coach you in meditation & mindfulness techniques that'll help you cultivate equanimity & compassion during difficult times. I'll provide an understanding ear & insightful feedback as we discuss your unique experience. 

For those in remission, I can help you process & learn from your cancer experience. We'll use Reiki to help clear any emotional blockages left over from the trauma of treatment. We'll use mindfulness training to hone your insight & liberate your compassion. We'll use dialogue to explore your experience & discover opportunities for further processing & healing. 

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I wasn't always spiritually-minded. For much of my adult life, I was an atheist who thought spirituality was wishful thinking. 

If you don't buy into spirituality, or if you're unsure about it all, I can relate. I'll meet you exactly where you're at in life, and I'll respect your beliefs & attitudes. My goal isn't to convince you of anything. My goal is to help you heal, grow, & flourish. We'll accomplish that together regardless of your beliefs. So long as you are sincerely open to self-discovery & inner work, flourishing will unfold.  

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