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heal from within

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a form of energy healing


Reiki works with our spiritual energy, allowing us to heal from the inside out.


Metabolic energy is energy we derive from food. It's what we use for everyday tasks.


Spiritual energy resides in our chakra system. It's the source of our passion, willpower, love, expressiveness, wisdom, & sense of connection. It make us more than just organisms trying to stay alive. It's what gives us a deeper, richer sense of possibility & purpose.


While traditional healthcare focuses on metabolic energy, Reiki focuses on spiritual energy. Reiki works through the chakra system to heal energetic blockages, to open & align the chakras, and to bring the chakras into harmony with each other & with the physical body, allowing us to connect more fully with the beautiful spiritual energy flowing within us. So connected, we tap more deeply into our true potential. We feel better. We think more clearly. And we discover more & more of what life has to offer.

Reiki is relaxing & enjoyable

Here's how our Reiki session would look. I provide a clean, comfortable massage table. As you lie down, you hear soothing music, you smell essential oils & sage, and you feel a sense of safety & peace. For the next hour, I perform a Reiki healing by placing my palms onto various points of your body, allowing Reiki energy to flow into you. You simply lie there while Reiki & I do the work. 


Reiki delivers results


Clients typically leave a Reiki session feeling relaxed & refreshed. Common outcomes include:


  • release of stress & worry

  • easing or cessation of pain

  • feeling balanced & at ease

  • feeling connected to a sense of spirit

  • seeing soothing colors or shapes in the mind's eye

  • going into a serene, trance-like state


Did you know that Sharp Memorial in San Diego is one of dozens of hospitals around the country that offer Reiki to their patients? They offer Reiki because Reiki consistently delivers results that traditional healthcare can't on its own. Try Reiki today to see what it can do for you.

To learn more about Reiki, visit my Reiki 101 page, & check out: .

See my Testimonials page to hear directly from my satisfied clients.


complimentary consult call 

$120 per 1-hour session

$1,320 for a 12-hour credit ($110/hour)

group sessions, corporate events: $200/hour

To book your free consult call over Zoom, email me:

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befriend your mind


mindfulness is a blend of clarity & purpose
Much of the time, our minds aren't in a state of health & harmony. We're jumping from task to task and from thought to thought, either in a state of stressful hurrying or spaced-out autopilot. We're only partially paying attention to what's happening in front of us, often preoccupied with thoughts about the past or future. We overreact to negative events, blowing them out of proportion. Or we underreact to positive events, missing the opportunity to savor good fortune. All the while, we suffer inside, and we miss out on the beauties & opportunities that life is always presenting.
Mindfulness training brings the mind into a healthier & more harmonious state. We're more present. More attentive. More focused. And, more importantly, we're clearheaded. We recognize cause-and-effect relationships more clearly. We naturally contextualize what we're experiencing, and we have an instinctive sense of importance & proportion. We're more engaging, more receptive, and more expressive. We act less from fear & reactivity, and more from integrity & a sense of deeper purpose. We don't get too swept up in the highs or too dragged down by the lows. We live more in the flow of life. We experience our mind as a resourceful friend, here to help us navigate the challenges & opportunities of the present moment. We feel connected, balanced, & ready.

you'll cultivate mindfulness with proper training
You'll practice meditation regularly. Each week I provide you with detailed instructions for meditation practice. You practice on your own. Between sessions, I'm available over email to provide you guidance, & during sessions we discuss your practice & fine-tune your process.
You'll learn helpful breathwork techniques. Meditation sets the foundation. Breathwork helps us cultivate mindfulness on-the-go. I'll provide you easy-to-follow steps for using breathwork techniques on your own, and we'll work on them together during sessions.
You'll master mindfulness techniques. Mindfulness techniques are quick, simple ways to increase mental clarity & improve your decisionmaking. They're tools you can use anytime you're feeling stressed or scattered. Each week, I'll share a new technique to practice, and I'll offer you helpful guidance & support to master the technique.

Mindfulness is the lens that reveals life's gifts. Let's polish that lens together.

See my Testimonials page to hear directly from my satisfied clients.


complimentary consult call 
$120 per 1-hour session

$1,320 for a 12-hour credit ($110/hour)

group sessions, corporate events: $200/hour

To book your free consult call over Zoom, email me:

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open your heart

Two chairs and table on the backyard in tropical garden with beautiful view in island Born

spiritual dialogue addresses stuckness's roots
We tend to get stuck, especially as we grow older. Stuck in the same habits & routines. Stuck in the same mental chatter. Stuck in the same fears, grievances, & regrets. This stuckness limits our ability to engage & enjoy life.
We try to break free from the stuckness. We use willpower to battle our limiting habits. We try to defeat, pacify, or avoid our incessant mental chatter. We deny our fears, or we overcompensate by acting impulsively or rashly. These methods don't work because they address the symptoms rather than the roots. We may experience temporary relief. But the old ways gradually return, sometimes even stronger than before. Now we're both stuck & discouraged! It's easy to feel pessimistic, defeated, & hopeless. It's easy to give up and slide back into the daily & weekly grind.
The solution is to recognize our stuckness as a gift - as an opportunity to learn, heal, grow, & flourish. Our stuckness is not a curse. It's a chance to go within and discover where unhealed trauma & negative beliefs are holding us back. These insights gradually soften & reduce our stuckness. We live less from fear & habit, and more from integrity & inspiration. We forgive the past & let it go, freeing us to step into the present moment with more capability & confidence.

spiritual dialogue opens your mind & heart
You'll explore fresh perspectives. Each week I provide you with a new mental framework to explore. Together, we use that framework to spot fresh opportunities for healing & growth in your life.
You'll complete engaging self-discovery exercises. Rather than treating stuckness as a problem, we treat stuckness as both (a) a symptom of unhealed trauma & negative beliefs, and (b) an opportunity to learn, heal, & grow. These exercises will empower to you discover & address your stuckness's roots.
We dialogue in a supportive setting. I create a safe & open space where you can express yourself freely, ask questions, and explore new insights & theories. This safe space empowers you to let the past go so you can truly engage & enjoy the present.

See my Testimonials page to hear directly from my satisfied clients.


complimentary consult call 
$120 per 1-hour session

$1,320 for a 12-hour credit ($110/hour)

group sessions, corporate events: $200/hour

To book your free consult call over Zoom, email me:

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